With Vitah, Watch your health smartly!

Vitah gives you access to monitor your vital signs in real time remotely. Vitah ensures a continuous and remote relationship between you, your emergency contact and your doctor.

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Monitor your vital signs in real time remotely

As a fully-featured healthtech solution, Vitah is an easy-to-use hardware-software with immediate alert system at an affordable cost.

Health Monitoring

Keep track of your vital signs’ measurements continuously.

History Tracking

Check history of your vital signs’ measurements and alerts.

Affordable Cost

To watch your health and to avoid adverse health complications.

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Assess your score for suspicion of contamination and discover general information and recommendations.

Share Your Health Information Securely

Give access to your emergency contact and your doctor to check your health status in real time remotely. With free web and mobile apps, doctors can have a list of their patients, can access their profiles at any time to remotely monitor their vital signs and to check the history of their measurements.

Avoid adverse health complications.

In case of an out-of-nominal measurement requiring verification, consultation or urgent intervention, Vitah immediately alerts you, your emergency contact and your doctor.

Vitah Watch Is Your Health Partner.

A Practical Hardware

Carefully conceived


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About us

Vitah is a Tunisian startup that develops technological solutions for the health sector. All the solutions developed help the user to monitor their state of health in real time and continuously by means of a hardware / software kit.

Your Health Is Our Priority

Vitah is a stock solution for monitoring your vital signs and alerting you, your emergency contact and your doctor in the case of an anomaly detection. Our goal is to simplify your health tracking by providing a fully featured solution that helps you monitor your vital signs in real-time remotely and continuously at an affordable cost.

They trust us !

Meet the team

Mohamed Taha Ben Mhenni

Chief Executive Officer

Iheb Sahloul

Chief Technical Officer

Saifeddine Ben Mhenni

Chief Operations Officer
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